Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wanna Get Drunk Off Candy???...

Well you will once you taste New York's one and only spot for Absinthe Gummi Bears.

Here's a little back ground check for those that don't know what Absinthe is...

OK now that you're up to snuff, the great folks at Served Up came up with a special concoction after months of playing around in the kitchen with their food. Mainly Gelatin and liquor. See mom...playing with our food wasn't that bad after all.

Along with their usual menu of Pulled Roast Duck, Served offers the gummi appetizers which are known to be a hallucinogen if consumed in large quantities.


Stop by Served Up and get a mouthful of drunken fur...

Located At:

Absinthe Gummi Bears at Tailor,
525 Broome (between Thompson and Sullivan),

1 comment:

YouKnowWho said...

That is the most beautiful creation I have ever seen. I remember my first ever Absinthe shot. My friends told me it was just tequila, after a few minutes I thought I was laying down but I was actually standing up. Amazing.

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