Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Music: If You've Heard This Jay-Z Song Before We'll Give You $1 Dollar...

Listen/ Download Here. Jay-Z - Pass The Roc

...$1 Sri Lankan of course...

Some vintage Jay-Z material liberated by DJ Mike Nice. Too many quotables so don't even get us started.

"Soon as I pick up the roc it's seven thirty I get busy watch the birdy/ You could check coast to coast no nigga could serve me." - Shawn Corey

"I follow the dream like a king for the cream. Then I gamble it on dice like Jordan...Cause I don' listen." - Jigga

Yo! Records were chunky and dope back in the day. So many metaphors it's like dudes actually tried, effortlessly. Now on the flipside it's as if they struggle to make trash.


Magnus said...

Never heard, your money is safe.
Thanks for the share, it's dope.

The Delve said...

Very dope record indeed.

That dollar is still up for grabs though.

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