Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gadgets: Save The Date, Then Pop It...

What better way to kickstart your new 365 day rotation than by having a calendar?

Did we mention that it was a BUBBLE WRAP CALENDAR?!

We remember as kids being told to stop popping that damn bubble wrap that would go on for hours because sometimes you couldn't get a good pop, you had to squeeze a little bit harder. Now who's going to tell you to quit it? No one that's who.

Made in good old Brooklyn N.Y, because that's why we're an N.Y.C blog, the calendars feature a Helvetica Neue font, these calendars are completely functional, with days of the week and all major holidays marked and weekends bolded for easy spotting. The calendars stand out graciously at 48″ x 18″ and comewith either thick paper or clear plastic backing. The versions that are paper-backed retail at about $30.00, the limited-edition clear plastic versions retail at $50.00. Both can be scooped amd popped at select in-store retailers and online Here.

Bubble Calendar Homepage

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