Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boys + Clothes = Interesting Fashion...

" Visionaries Teneille Craig, Shaina Lampkins, and Camillia are the founders of new publication Boys+Clothes Magazine. It is set to launch Sunday February 1, 2009. Boys+Clothes Magazine was executed with the support of four more NYC fashionista’s who each brought their own unique elements to the table. The remaining four women are Sofia Farquharson, Shana Jeannot, Patrice Floy and Christine Hamblin popularly known as “Cee the Photographer”. This team of seven from all walks of life and each possessing an entrepreneurial and inimitable spirit has met the challenge of publishing their first print magazine. Editor-In-Chief, Teneille Craig says “It’ll take much more than a resume to stand out in the job market in this economy. So we created our own opportunity to prove our worth and determination.”

Boys+Clothes Magazine is a tri-annual publication which aim to cater to the stylishly rebellious urban fashionista and her nosey boyfriend. Conceptualized to read as a girl’s diary it is filled with cutting edge and straightforward content. It’s an opportunity for women to read and relate on non-conventional fashion and lifestyle content and for others to become familiar with this young modern woman’s likes and dislikes.

Interesting, keep your eyes and ears open to the fresh aesthetic that these young women are paving the way to unveil.

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