Friday, November 28, 2008

We Love J. Dilla Even MORE...

Straight from ?uesto's (Questlove of the Roots Crew)

" Then i was like “yo Pete[Rock] is gonna be fucked up when he hears THIS shit!”

dilla: NONONONONONONONONO!! naw man….you can’t let him hear this man i cant afford that!
?uest: afford what? this shit is a miracle!!
dilla: nah man….like i dont want no tension. that’s my idol i dont wanna give off the impression that im trying to outshine him….
?uest: but dog im saying if you shine then…..
dilla: nah man…."

The man, the legend J.Dilla. The first time we actually got swept up in Dilla's dopeness was around the late 90's when this jewel dropped (Thanks to moms around the country's infatuation with having Janet on repeat in the crib):

Yeah, it was that serious. Q-Tip and fellow triber Ali Shaeed Muhammmad were in the mix too (Tip's live adlibs & Muhammad's engineering.) Might we add that watching this video after Tip released his latest effort The Renaissance...Tip is that dude!

" ?uest: so all this shit i got with samples he’s us—
dilla: yeah man dont let that shit get out man….i just do it for practice….
?uest: wait….so this beat is never going to see the light of day ever? you just made it and lost sweat over it for…
dilla: yeah man….i just practice……

thank god…..kweli had a cassette which had this beat on it for like 15 secs.

they looped it from the cassette."

The They that ?uesto is referring to are these two incredible wordsmiths:


Read the full article Here.

Questlove vs. Jay Dee: The “Little Brother” Beat Story

J.Dilla R.I.P

You don't know what, or more so who you've got until they're gone. Indeed.

J.Dilla Myspace

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