Sunday, October 5, 2008

VH1 Honoring The Hop That Made It Hip...

" While Slick Rick and De la Soul rehearsed their sets, Wale, Busta Rhymes, Spliff Starr, ?uestlove, Bun B and Biz Markie mixed and mingled. The ballroom was more like a family reunion then a rehearsal.

The only non-rap artist being celebrated is Isaac Hayes, and while the late musician never spit a bar, his work helped inspire many MCs. From the Notorious B.I.G.'s "Warning" to the Geto Boys' "Mind Playing Tricks on Me," Black Moses had a lasting effect on hip-hop.

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If any of you were lucky to go, (It's OK VH1 we know our invitation go "lost" in the MAIL...) you may have witnessed Hip-Hop history in one shiny, pyrotechnically charged, camera filled room.

The good people over at MTV chop it up with a couple of the performers on Hip-Hop relevance and history.

One amazingly credible feat of this years Hip-Hop honors was the homage paid to long time inspiration for Hip-Hop artists Isaac Hayes. Hayes was far from a gangsta rapper, but the influence he had on emcess who penned some of their best verses will no doubtedly live forever.

Props to Steven Roberts for the heads up.

MTV Covers Hip-Hop Honors

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