Thursday, October 16, 2008

Spend The Night In The Museum...

Remember that time in elementary school when you wished that you could just sneak away ever so quietly from your teacher and classmates and tuck away at the field trip location undetected and live amongst the pets in the petting zoo?

Well for all of you who were like us in your childhood years heres your chance, sans the harshly grading teacher...

Introducing "A Night At The Guggenheim"

" Situated on three concentric glass disks that rotate ever so slowly, the 'room' has a double bed, a desk, a changing area, and that's pretty much it. You get a robe, slippers, access to a bathroom/shower and a continental breakfast. But the surroundings here trump all amenities. Once the masses are booted at closing time, you are free to privately soak up the exhibition after-hours. You literally have your run of the place. "

Don't expect much privacy however, seeing as the "room" has virtually no walls shielding you from the eyes of curious gawkers. You will however enjojy a unique experience touching exhibits and the like in your underwear. If it wasn't for this once in a lifetime chance, trying to walk in the buff in a museum and you'd spend a night in a nicely decorated steel and cement holding cell.

Definitely Abstract! Tell us how it is!

Carsten Höller's "Revolving Hotel Room" at the Guggenheim:

Dates: Oct 25-Jan 6

1071 5th Ave (at 89th), one night per person(s), for reservations call 212-360-4373

The Guggenheim Museum Homepage

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