Sunday, September 7, 2008

New York City, Home Of The Abstract...

While surfing the vast waves of the Innanets, We came across something very unique and fascinatingly Abstract Minded to say the least.

Introducing to many of you Joshua Allen Harris. Joshua is simply brilliant. Utilizing only plastic bags to create an interactive art medium, Joshua has stationed these installments on the subway grates of Manhattan New York, giving patient pedestrians a sight to behold.

Unlike waiting for the New York City subway trains to arrive, This wait does Not suck.

Here are a couple clips:

Air Bear:

Farmer's Pet:

Centaur And Mus:

Simply amazing installations. If you have had a chance to witness these works in person, you are lucky. Things like this give the City so much swagger.

See more of Joshua's works on his Youtube Channel Here.

Joshua Allen Harris

Abstract Indeed.

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