Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Blueprint 2.9 1/2 Is Going To Be Serious...

Who are we Co-Signing you ask? A Producer named JFace out of Brooklyn New York who has been steadily releasing some of the most underground gem type production that we've heard in months.

And it couldn't happen at a better time as he is releasing a project featuring the God Emcee Jay Hova.

Here's what JFace had to say about his experimentation with ol' Shawny Shawns impeccable rhetoric:

" This project, The Blueprint 2.9 1/2, began production on August 21, 2008. The idea developed during the announcement that Jay-Z's The Blueprint 3 was officially underway and scheduled for release. This effort will consist of some of his greatest records from his last 3 albums. I've compiled them together for a totally remade, high quality productive selection. The idea is not to mesh acapellas with random beats, each record is custom-made to Jay-Z's emotion and message of the record. Ultimately You're guaranteed a new experience after you've listened to this effort I've titled The Blueprint 2.9 1/2.

It drops September 16, 2008 As a FREE DOWNLOAD

Here's a sample he sent over to us a couple of days ago:

Jay-Z Feat. Pharrell - Blue Magic (Remix)

The Roc Boys Remix in This Here Previous Post is our Fave so far.

Previous Post: "We Rock, You Rock, He Roc Boy Remix...".

For more info visit JFace's Homepage

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