Friday, August 15, 2008

Wine, Robots, And Hangovers...

Who here is as new to wine tasting as you are? Take her hand and show her interactive menus and the bitter sweet flow of that 1945 Red.

Introducing Clo.

Opening this weekend in Midtown Manhattan, Clo offers a futuristic look upon wine tasting and getting you into her good graces.

Past the escalators and Per Se Masa on the Fourth Floor of the Time Warner building you will find Clo discretely humbled in the scene. The way the Winery works is simply with pre-paid cards allowing you to get as little as an ounce or two of the finest or if you dare, a bottle for your date at home starting at $70.

The menus are fully interactive and display a very unique and casual appearance.

Just remember, moderation and etiquette. If you choose...

Clo is located at:

Time Warner Center, 4th Floor, Columbus Circle

It opens to the public this Saturday, August 16.

1 comment:

kitty bradshaw said...

Do they have Boones Farm on the menu??!! Cause I "AIN"T" going unless they do! *hmph*

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