Monday, August 4, 2008

NaS Brings Out Sean...Bad Idea NaS...

Alternate Angle:

Footage from the Rock The Bells Tour via Green Lantern.

Jay obviously steals the spotlight amidst the failed Roc Boys dap...

Hmm who here is a body language analyst?

Here's one concert goers account of the set:

" I just wanna say I was there and Nas’ set was boring as hell. You would think after all these years and nine albums deep, the guy would have developed some stage presence and put on a captivating show. Nah. Bringing Hov out was basically the best thing he did. The crowd LIT UP and Jay-Z basically deebo’ed the crowd from Nas for a minute and had ‘em in his palm. I will however say that “One Mic” was good. "


Via OnSmash

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