Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lil Dwayne Carter Covers Blender Magazine...

Lil Wayne's nombre has been synonymous with drug laden references throughout the last year more than any kissing-your-father photopalooza could have conjured. This month he covers Blender magazine as the feature story giving a glimpse into all that is the "A Milli Martian". Here's an excerpt:

" But Wayne has other things on the brain tonight. He has a court date in two days in Atlanta: drug-possession charges he thought had been dismissed until his manager informed him otherwise. He has offers coming in faster than he can process them: 8 Mile–style biopic deals, clothing-line deals, a deal for Wayne-branded bubbly called Halo. And two days after court, he’s leaving for a two-week vacation, the first he’s had in months. 'He was gonna go to Saint-Tropez,' his longtime friend and manager Cortez Bryant explains, 'but when he found out it was in France, that was off.' Wayne despises long flights. He can’t sit still for that many hours, hates ­having to fasten his seat belt when told to, and his blunt-a-minute weed habit doesn’t really jibe with TSA guidelines. 'Wayne likes to do what he wants to do, when he wants to do it,' says C.J., one of his assistants. "

Without further ado continue reading Here.

Lil Wayne: There Is None Higher

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