Friday, August 15, 2008

It Wasn't You, It Was The Pill...


OK. So during our daily browsing of the Internet's coffee table magazines we came across this interesting artice which states a theory that claims the most joyous thing in your girlfriends, mothers, and even little sister's pocket book may be attracting them to different partners. If that were the case then people should know that the FDA has some 'splainin to do. We literally spat our coffee on the grout.

" A study by British scientists suggests that taking the Pill can change a woman’s taste in men — to those who are genetically less compatible.

The research found that the Pill can alter the type of male scent that women find most attractive, which may in turn affect the kind of men they choose as partners.

We're still skeptics, that's where you, our readers, come in. Take a glance at the full article Here.

Get a better excuse buddy. Man Up.

Source Times Online

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