Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Faith & Tupac...Oh Really???...

The Biggie bio film is currently in post production as we speak. Ex-Wife of the late great Notorious Brooklyn emcee, Faith Evans, releases her memoirs at the end of August detailing her infamous account of the 'Cheating with Tupac' fiasco.

Read what Faith recalls happened when she Went to 'Pacs hotel room to pick up a check for being featured on a record and then she tells the world what really happened when Biggie confronted her in her hotel room after he heard the rumors of her cheating with Tupac.

Via Miss Info

Read the whole post from Miss Info Here.


arcieri keness said...

Man, she looks like two different people... it's amazing. It's nuts how the kid didn't even really know BIG and everything that came along w/ his success.

The Delve said...

Really. The gift and the curse about leaving a legacy, it seems, is the imprint on those closest to the legend.

The stories and searching that Big's children will endure to get a true unbiased opinion of their father will be a journey. Especially on a non rap level. However it isn't like they don't have the sources available. Ms. Wallace, Faith etc.

Interesting indeed..

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