Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ALIFE NYC x Casio G-Shock Collaboration Preview...

Somewhere in the beginning of the year Abstract Minds N.Y.C spoke to you about a prophetic inquisition of collaborations that would see this year like no other. We continue on.

The good people over at Casio watch manufacturing have teamed up with boutique and lifestyle supplier ALIFE NYC to bring you very unique branded G-Shock Timepieces.

We'll have more as this collab develops, as there is no official release date scheduled.

View garments at the ALIFE NYC Homepage Here.


Info Via Hypebeast


Matt Fontana said...

What is the source of your information? Is there any commitment to accuracy in your reporting? Or do you just make things up in the absence of anything factual to report on?

Abstract Minds N.Y.C said...

Nothing on the Abstract Minds N.Y.C site is fabricated by default of innacurate information.

Regarding this specific post, the source for this information comes from Lifestyle website Hypebeast as stated in the post footer Matt.

Thankyou for inquiring.

YOu can visit them @ www.Hypebeast.com

Abstract Minds N.Y.C

Anonymous said...

Matt Fontana is a douche bag. You guys reported accurately, and he was just jaded that you jumped the gun on his official press release of this subpar product, a release that typifies the downward spiral that Alife has embarked on.

Sara Jean aka S.Holla! said...

Matt Fontana made Alife what it was. Whoever referred to him as a douche bag can go suck a dick. He is a genius businessman, a great friend, and he knows how to market a brand and make it blow up. The real douche bags would be the other 2 owners of Alife who ran it into the ground. Last time I checked Matt Fontana is a huge reason for Supra's recent success and was featured on the TK show. Anything that Matt Fontana is involved with, is a huge success. I rock whatever he is putting out there! You can't fuck with Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Haha. Thats some funny shit. Genius business man? A Visionary he is not. A straight no ass getting nerd he is. Also he used to smoke crack, beat the shit out of his wife, and is a horrible dad. You have to be in your kid's life to be considered a dad though, so i don't think he'd qualify. Last i checked, Everything he touched went to shit as is supra. Who rocked it last? people stopped wearing it when Matt Fontana was hired. get your facts straight. He's corny like ecko. He aspires to get your brands into Sears. He rocks a Fake chanel watch and tries to pass it off as authentic. thats corny. He needs to get a tan and stop beating chicks. closet homo if you ask me. mad queer. Check all these facts if you think I'm talking shit. Real good guy. haha.

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