Thursday, July 24, 2008

?uestlove x Nike Air Force 1 Premier...

Well here they are folks as we promised!!

Here is what ?uesto had to say about the whole thing going down:


never let it be said that dreams don’t come true.
4 years ago i watched BAPE/reebok shower Pharrell with
all these kicks on the Sprite Liquid Mix Tour in the summer
of 2004.

i said to my stylist “when am i gonna get enough clout to get such an honor?”

well kids.

there is many a milestone in my career, and i have to stay that this ish right here?

man oh man…

this is my FAVORITE part of my life.

my very own shoe.

i present the (h)Air ?uesto 1

this shoe was actually in the making about a year ago but i was so excited the first time around i included everything but the kitchen sink.

and it showed lol: 9 different skins, 13 colors. the shoe was literally mitched/matched (as are these but to a lesser extent)

i wanted something that screamed “!@#T!@#$#!@#$@#$@#~@$@#!!!!!” but left me a lil room to really go crazy for the other 4 down the line. (my cream de la creme is the 3rd shoe, i got a vision Doc Brown style Flux Capacitor style that im still perfecting and HOPEFULLY in two years they will find a way to come up with the material i need to make it work)

so in short (its late and im lucky that nike is letting me get away with this much)

the shoe comes out aug 1st.

Pics via Hypebeast

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