Thursday, July 31, 2008

Real Life Iron Man???...

Everybody knows that the Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk movies this summer were huge successes for the Marvel franchise. Well here a fan took it one step further by creating his own Iron Man Replica Armor. The reactor core on the chest lights up and the eye lenses reflect light to block out identity theft!

" All the armor parts are fanmade out of glassfiber with strong and sharp details, then carefully painted in rich red and gold colour. The midsection armor and neckseal is made from flexible plastic, painted in rich red colours. The gloves are made of foam rubber. The helmet comes with see through eye lenses. The lenses reflect light and does not allow anyone to see your eyes. "

The armor is made to fit a person approx. size 6 -6.4 foot tall with from 32 - 38 inch waistline. Ideal size: 6.2 tall, 35 inch waistline, approx. 220 lbs.

Check out more info and detail on the armor Here!

More Pics Here

No, Ghost Face Killah is not inside, we repeat he is NOT inside of that suit...smh.


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