Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Evisu Spring/Summer 2009 Preview...

"These ain't Diesel nigga these is Evisu..." - Hova


During Milan's Men's Fasion Week Show, Evisu got down and showed the world what they would be bringing to the table for the year 2009. To showcase their true stature they are branding that seasons look parallel to a japanese mantra of "Big Bountiful Catch" otherwise known as Tairyouki with a fishing theme.

The brand also introduces some new denims and highlights their perfection by demonstarting denim processes started by denim compnay LEE in the early 1900's. A new selvage they introduce is nicknamed "No 13 Left". Evisu is definitely making more noise in the denim world, as they have been for quite some time, while staying youthful and pushing the market for exclusive detailed denim craftmanship.

See more what the brand has in store over at their Homepage


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