Monday, June 16, 2008

Air Max 90 Current...

Currently what? Inspired by butcherism? We don't know how we feel about the new direction that Nike Inc. is taking the beloved Air Max 90 model. It seems to have gone a ways of the Presto model with a fully exposed mesh toe, all you bastards on sneaker forums crying and bitching saying "No mesh No go" can now shut the hell up!

Here's Nike's concept pitch:

" The first place the design team found inspiration was on the same page of the 1990 catalog as the Air Max, an incredibly lightweight shoe called Air Current. Designed by Bruce Kilgore, mastermind behind the Air Force 1, the Current expanded on materials first seen in the Air Flow from 1989. The Flow incorporated a nylon and Lycra stretch fabric into the shoe’s forefoot that reduced the need for bulky materials while providing a comfortable dynamic fit. Years later, the Presto would further develop this concept and earn accolades as one of the most comfortable athletic shoes ever made. For the AM 90 Current, a premium stretch mesh is incorporated into the forefoot, greatly reducing weight and adding breathability to the upper. "


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