Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tear The Roof Off, Then Her Top...

Well you can honestly say that things will be a lot warmer and clearer from here on out with limited rain and summer-esque weather. So why not treat her to somewhere with a little scenery and a view?

Introducing to you The Pooldeck. Have you ever been to a pooldeck restaurant? If not then this will be a dope weekend spot for you to showoff. Located in Midtown, it's split into two levels, top being the pooldeck and the one below as the eatery. Although The Pooldeck is located at the Empire Hotel, you can still get in by booking a room for cheap so it's best that you actually plan this one out before trying to sound like Mr. Know It All. The Pooldeck comes loaded with the roof area for cocktails and those cabanas, which come stocked with a flat screen, wireless internet and a day bed. Have fun.

Besides...if you're lucky, after dinner that room will come in handy anyway!

The Pooldeck at the Empire Hotel Located at:

4 W. 63rd St (at Broadway), 212-265-7400

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nice fine.. looks like a really hot place. hopefully make it there sometime.

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