Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nasir In King Magazine Interview...

Yeah if you managed to actually open the last issue of King Magazine and get past the beautiful backside protion of Ms. Dash, you would've came across this little gem. We circled it for you up there...

In the King magazine interview, they asked and God's Son responded:

Have you ever been bodied on a record?
I’m always kind of nervous of that to some degree. I don’t know. On “Fast Life,” Kool G. Rap was so out of control. I was nervous to be on a record with him.

Did that thought cross your mind on “Black Republicans” or “Success”?
Nah, that wasn’t even an idea with that. It was just a glory moment. It wasn’t like, “I got to outrap this nigga here,” or nothing like that. It was like we were having fun. We weren’t even thinking about it.

Most people wouldn’t believe that.
I’m just basing it off the vibe and the way we were getting down and just having fun. Nobody was sitting there, like, “We got to make this shit incredible.” It was like, “Let’s go.”

Read the rest of the interview Here. Pretty good read with post "Roc Boys Video" NaS.

King Magazine Online

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