Thursday, April 10, 2008

Take Flight! Times Two...

OK. First of all if you live in New York then you already know the ordeal with the "hustle and bustle" nature of this beautiful town. With that said, most of the traveling around the city is done on foot and that usually means you want to show off some fresh footwear. Here is where things get funky.

Flight Club has re-opened on Greene street in the SoHo area of Manhattan. FCNY is a boutique that allows exclusive footwear to be re-circulated in a modest fashion. They were gone for a minute but they're back with the jumpoff. Flight Club now boasts a total of four, yes four, physical locations (FCNY[2],FCLA[1],FCJP[1])!

We remember when the Greene street spot was the only one and the line wrapped around the corner everyday to get in. Sweet!

Located at:

254 Greene Street in Manhattan
(just south of 8th street, to the north east of Washington Square Park)

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