Wednesday, March 5, 2008

You Must Create...

Love the support.

Introducing YMC, also known as You Must Create....

We already love this new brand because of its abstract approach on creating your own unique style and demeanor through apparel. Formed in London in 1995 by Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins in response to increasing demand for stylish, functional, modern clothing, YMC has quietly grown to become a highly significant design label.

"When asked how he saw the future of design, graphic artist Raymond Loewy, pioneer of American Industrial Design reasoned that "you must create your own design style". It is this philosophy that inspires YMC.

YMC are not led or influenced by seasonal trends but try to provide the solution for intelligent clothing that is both wearable and distinctive. Collections gradually develop from season to season whilst a modernist approach ensures good ideas maintain longevity."


Without further ado, here is a look at what YMC has to offer:

YMC Linen Cotton Cardigan:

YMC Loopback Button Cardigan:

YMC Shawl Sweatshirt:

YMC Selvedge Denim Cinch Jean:

For more of what's going on with clothing brand YMC (You Must Create) Visit their Homepage, Here.

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