Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yo Em, You Need That Primo Crack...

Eminem is gearing up to release a new effort and has seeked the help of legendary hip-hop producer Dj Premier. The name of the track they will be coming together for is titled "Key To The City". Here's what Primo had to say about the track:

“It’s a song that he actually produced and he wasn’t crazy about the track,” Said Primo. "I told him as long as I can strip it clean and do what I do with your vocals it will be dope,” and as Primo states, it's coming out flyer than a mo'fucka.

“Man…Eminem is back,” Primo claimed. “He attacked the track with a new style, just fucking ridiculous, kind of like how he came with ‘The Way I Am’ but even more lyrical like the old Eminem.”

Well Dj Premier is definitely a reputable source when it comes to criticizing an artists' lyrical ability over his production. This should be very interesting, check the Abstract Minds Blog as we will have this leak as soon as it is available.

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Anonymous said...

Let's go Eminem, bout time we get something from him. His fan base is still out there somewhere just waiting for something like this.

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