Thursday, March 27, 2008

Giorgio Armani x Samsung Phone...Dial In Style

Another collaborative effort in the electronics department for "2008 The Year Of The Collaboration":

Like the other pair, this phone doesn’t include 3G technology, nor is it Wi-Fi enabled as the iPhone is. Its feature set is pitched at a mid-tier Samsung Ultra level, squeezing a three-megapixel camera into its slim aluminium and stainless steel frame and packing in music player and video functionality alongside a familiar spread of features.

The Armani phone - aka the Samsung SGH-P520 - is a slim, neat and tidy design, and with a footprint of 87.5 x 10.5 x 54.5mm and 85g weight, will slip smoothly into any pocket or purse. Based on Samsung’s touch-operated Croix user interface, the phone’s front is dominated by its large 2.6in, 262,144-colour, 240 x 320 display, with just tiny call and end keys popping up on the bottom of the face.

We're going to hold on to our cash for this release. Nothing here screams "Buy Me Now" in addition to the non 3G tech specs and the absence of WI-fI...

iPhone 2 anyone?

For more TechTalk and Info/Reviews on this model visit Here.

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