Monday, March 10, 2008

Curtis and The Gang - I F!@ked Your Girl...

Listen Here. G-Unit - I Fucked Your Girl.

This track speaks for ITSELF. 50 on the vocoder is starting to equal pure entertainment! G-Unit sounds hungry again as they release a new track almost daily and it reminds us of their early efforts on the mixtape circuit. They really all go in when their captain is in beef. Off of the Elephant In The Sand Mixtape aimed at Fat Joe.

"Man she even gave me headddd" - Curtis "Vocoder" Jackson

Here is a download link that we found, throw it on the iPod...

G-Unit I Fucked Your Girl

Via Defsounds


Massive DB said...

I'm feeling the track and G-Unit's whole vibe right now. What I just can't understand is why they need all the beef and extra nonsense in order to get their asses into the studio and just make some music. Perplexing to say the least, Kudos nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Well.. It's about time someone gets at this Fat Joe character and who else to do so but G-Unit. Hopefully Fat Joe just quietly takes the L on this one.

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