Saturday, March 29, 2008

Berry Berry Good: Blackberry 9000...

Referred to as the "Crackberry" or "Blackbeezy" in various 'hoods throughout America, the Blackberry has been a hip staple in all things cutting edge. Then along came Mr. iPhone. However Blackberry and RIM, the phones' developer, have returned to claim their place in the cellular and multimedia phone battlefield. Enter the Crack, uh excuse us, the Blackberry 9000.

The first thing that stood out to us was how seamlessly the phone's lines flow. The previous models all sport a somewhat cartoonish user interface and icon detail. Here we get a more modern wireframe icon detail and more screen to keyboard ratio generously offered over previous models of the 8300's and 8700's. A major plus is the inclusion of WiFi capability, which is a must for our Entrepreneurial Thinkers on the go.

Read up more on the new gadget Here or Here.

Pictures courtesy of Engadget.

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