Thursday, February 7, 2008

Party In A Mansion You Say?...

We know that you haven't been to an "Ultra Lounge", Don't front either because even we have yet to venture to one.

Introducing Mansion. Birthed out of Miami, Mansion is the newest addition to the many "ultra lounges" cropping up in the nightlife atmosphere. Located on West 28th Street Mansion gives you ubiquitous access to your very own French Maids as well as Butlers. Sporting a 20-foot fireplace that's fit for the most intimate of occasions patrons will see the decor need not sport a VIP section simply because, well you're in a Mansion!

The variety of social spaces to gather once inside is impressive. In Mansion you'll find time to chop it up in "The Mezzanine Library", get cozy in "The Study", and relax and conversate with that special piece of arm candy in "The Gallery". Soon to come after Friday's grand opening is a "Cougar Room" where the older ladies of the evening will be pampered with a hairdresser on the premises if need be, a "Cocktail Slave" and expensive high-end sex toys if you freaky like that ma... *ahem!

My goodness as if all that doesn't sound very enticing already, the main party area, dubbed "The Grand Ballroom", will feature random, un-announced high profile entertainment. Grand opening this Friday. Reservation only soft opening Thursday.

Oh Jeeves! Please...I said Scotch on the rocks...away with you!

Party at Mansion Located at:
530 W 28th (Between 10th & 11th)

Reserve your space Here. Mansion Homepage.

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