Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nike x 'Artists'- The Running Man Collection...

This upcoming spring season will bring another Nike x "artist" collaboration. Like we mentioned before, this year is big on the collaboration tip between brands and artists alike.

Here we have Nike's Running Man Collection. Nike collaborated with three well known artists to give inspiration and insight on designs. Each artist gets a windbreaker, T-shirt and a shoe. Heres a breakdown:

The first artist is Parra. For Parra's pieces the artist used a jig-sawed broken image of a rabbit, Parra's signature design. In a similar fashion on the T-shirt, the rabbit can be found whole. An Air Max 95 model was Parra's choice of shoe and will feature the whole jig-saw rabbit on the heeltab area.

The second artist in this collection is Todd James a.k.a "Reas". For Reas' pieces, (lol) he used a caricature of a lightning bolt in a hurried, running fashion. In our opinion the dopest out of the collection, the lightning bolt can be found on the center of the T-shirt and the windbreaker has lightning bolt detail on its front. Todd's shoe of choice was the NIke Cortez model which sports the lightning bolt caricature on the heeltab.

The third artist to appear for this collab is Misha Hollenbach for PAM(Perks and Mini). Misha brainstormed a funny little tornado caricature with only the eyes visible sporting a look of imminent victory. The tornado print windbreaker for Misha is more of an all-over type fashion. Misha's shoe model of choice was an Air Max 90 running shoe which, like previously mentioned artist's models, sports the tornado caricature on the heeltab.

Look for these styles and shoes to drop in the coming months in limited releases at first and then gradual general releases.

For more Info Visit:


To see more of the featured artist's work Visit:

Parra for Rockwell Clothing

Todd James (Reas) for Reas International

Misha Hollenbach for PAM (Perks and Mini)

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