Thursday, February 21, 2008

Complex Feature: Andre 3000 x Will Ferrell...

Recently to the Internet Here. Andre 3000 & Will Ferrell Complex Feature.

Andre "The Love Below" 3000 and Will "Old School" Ferrell give us some insight on their new movie and working together.

Here's what 3000 had to say about garnering a new fanbase:

"you appreciate them [the new fans], too. There’s something that touched them and made them say, “Hey, I like them,” or “I like that.” I guess it’s their responsibility to go back and see what movies he was in and other albums I made. But they might not even like those other albums, maybe they just liked that movie and that’s it, or that song, that’s it. That’s fine, too."

The movie looks hilarious and the feature is comedic. Great things from Mr. Benjamin lately. Kudos.

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